How to copy/move backgrounds

First thing I recommend is that you create a directory or folder on you hard drive named backgrounds, this way you can copy and organize all your backgrounds in a single location on your computer. You can also save backgrounds a floppy disk.

All backgrounds can b e right clicked on and copied to your local drive. {A: or C:]

Backgrounds directory Count

Ac Directory
1032 backgrounds
Ak Directory
524 backgrounds
Az Directory
1020 backgrounds
Ad Directory
1008 backgrounds
Am Directory
1032 backgrounds
La Directory
1344 backgrounds
Ae Directory
1008 backgrounds
Ax Directory
1044 backgrounds
Web Directory
1152 backgrounds
Ag Directory
1020 backgrounds
Ay Directory
216 backgrounds
384 Backgrounds

You copy/move a background the same way you copy/move any other file on your computer. To copy/move a background, open the folder on your hard drive you wish to copy/move the background into. Open the directory that contains the background you wish to use and highlight the file you want to use. Click on your edit menu, click copy, go to your background directory on your hard drive click your edit menu and then click paste.

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