How to use backgrounds as computer desktop

First thing I recommend is that you create a directory or folder on you hard drive named desktops, this way you can copy and organize all your backgrounds/desktops in a single location on your computer.

Windows 95 and 98
1) Locate a background you wish to use as a desktop.
2) Copy/move the background from the Web Site to your hard drive.
3) Click on your start button, then click on Settings, and then click on Control panel.

display3.jpg (35449 bytes)

4) Once the Control panel window opens Click on the Display icon.

display.jpg (45339 bytes)

5) The display properties dialog box opens, the background tab should be in front, click on Browse...
6) Browse to the location on your hard drive where you have copied the background(desktops) into.
display2.jpg (23608 bytes)

7) Select the background file you want to use as your desktop and click open.

display4.jpg (47897 bytes)

8) The Display Properties dialog will return, with the background selected, click apply.


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