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Looking for that perfect background for your web page(s)?

Tired of spending time searching for backgrounds?

Want to have the background you're looking for at your fingertips?

Well McJeff's has done the work for you!!

This site offers a wide variety of backgrounds:


Backgrounds come
in a variety of
colors and textures.




Funky - Unique, Lively & Bold
Subtle - Just a splash of color

Professional - Your basic textured backgrounds
Casual - Unique Designs

Fancy - Exciting Designs
Plain - Color fades and light patterns

Borders - Design along left side and solid color on right side

Framesets - Use a combination of backgrounds for different looks

and of course ANIMATED

Over 10,000 backgrounds in total.

Use backgrounds as desktops on your computer!

Computer Desktops
(any background can be used as a desktop)

View Seven Examples

Add different looks to your desktop


System Requirements

486sx with 16 Meg of RAM
Monitor capable of 640x480 screen resolution
Windows 95 or higher
Java Capable Browser (to use JavaScript image viewer provided) or
Pentium Class Computer
32 Meg of RAM or higher
2 Meg video RAM or higher
Monitor capable of 800x600 screen resolution
Windows 95 or higher

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