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How to Play JambaMind

This is the Jamba version of the classic logic puzzle game, *MasterMind®.

You are given a "tray" of colored pegs (bottom row). There are 7 different colored pegs you can choose from. When you choose the "New Game" button, Jamba will randomly select 1 unique color peg for each column and put them behind the "faces". Your task is to guess the hidden pegs by dragging pegs from the "tray" to the highlighted row.

If you change your mind about a peg, you can return it to the "tray".  Additionally, you can move a peg from one column to another within the highlighted row.

When you're done with each row, the "Check" button will be enabled and you can click on it to see how you did.

Hints are given to you by the small pegs located to the right of the highlighted row. The number of black pegs tells you how many colored pegs are in the correct column. The number of white (cyan) pegs tells you how many of the remaining pegs are the right color but in the wrong column.
You can base your remaining guesses on these hints until all five pegs are the right color and in the correct column. In that case, you win. If after 11 guesses you still haven't figured them out, you'll lose. If you would like to end the game and see what the correct peg color/column arrangement was, click the "Solution" button.

The game board is rather long, but if you scroll your browser down so that you can see the bottom of the game board, you should have no trouble playing the game.

See additional instructions below.


Click "NewGame" button.
When the colored pegs appear above,
drag and drop one colored peg into the highlighted area.
Once you have chosen 5 colored pegs and
placed them into the highlighted area,
the "Check" button enables.
Depending on the number of black and/or white (cynan) pegs
that appear to the right of the highlighted area,
you can determine how close you are to guessing the correct
peg arrangement.



Peace And Good Fortune To All.