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About the Game
LaserBlocks is a variant of the famous Tetris game, but this is one of the best examples I've seen. Have fun, and be careful not to get addicted!

How To Play
Throughout the game, blocks containing different numbers of vertical and/or horizontal pipes fall from the top of the screen. When you line up three or more pipe sections, a laser blast removes them from the screen. If you remove all the given sections from a block, it disappears from the screen, and the blocks above it fall to take its place.

You can use your mouse to move the pieces left and right. Left click your mouse to flip a piece horizontally or vertically.
You can use your cursor keys (keyboard's arrow keys) to move pieces left and right. Use the up arrow to flip a piece horizontally or vertically.

Additional Notes
Game sessions longer than 20-30 minutes (Windows 95/NT), should be played with the sound switched off by clicking here to avoid that the game suddenly stops. (The reason for this is a bug in Java)

If the cursor keys don't respond, please click on the applet!

If you play with the cursor keys, you should move the mouse pointer from the applet!

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