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In order to play the puzzles, Java games, and the maze, you will need to take the following steps:

AOL 4.0

1) Click My AOL, then select "Preferences"
2) Click the "WW1" icon
3) Click on the "Web Graphics" Tab
4)  If "Use compressed graphics" is checked, uncheck it.

If Java applets still don't load, try the following:
Sign off and then sign on again to AOL

There is additional information below.

  aol1.gif (13304 bytes)


Below is a compilation of information contained in the AOL Java Message Board (July 1999)

There are 2 versions each of AOL 3.0 and AOL 4.0 for Windows -- all of which have I.E. as the default browser ...only the 32-bit versions of AOL have a browser with full Java capabilities.

To see which version you have, click HELP (at the top of the screen) and click "About America Online"
**AOL 3.0/4.0 For Windows------> 16-bit program
**AOL 3.0/4.0 For Windows 95/98--> 32-bit program

If you indeed have the 32-bit program (and I.E. 3.02), you can do the following...

*click MEMBERS (AOL 3.0) or
MY AOL (AOL 4.0)
*click WW1 icon
*click ADVANCED tab-->select "Enable Java JIT Compiler"
*now, click the SECURITY tab-->select "Enable Java Program"
*click APPLY
*click OK...

If you have I.E. 4.x:

*click Start> Settings> Control Panel> Internet icon> Advanced tab:

--scroll down to JAVA VM, and select "Java JIT Compiler"

If you have I.E. 5.0...

*click Start> Settings> Control Panel> Internet Options icon> Advanced tab:
--scroll down to JAVA VM, and select "Java JIT Compiler" ...

*now click the Security tab and click the "Custom Level" button:
--scroll down to JAVA> Java Permissions, and make sure that "Disable Java" is not selected, then click OK

Also be sure that your browser is NOT set to use "compressed" graphics. Check this under Members (AOL 3.0) or MY AOL (AOL 4.0)> Preferences> WW1> Web Graphics tab...

Additionally, some anti-virus programs are known to cause problems if running when trying to load Java. Disabling the anti-virus program will usually resolve this problem...

If you have the 16-bit version of AOL (which includes the 16-bit version of I.E. 3.02), you can upgrade the browser to I.E. 3.03 --Internet Explorer 3.03 is a 16-bit browser that offers full Java support, including the Java Virtual Machine. You can download I.E. 3.03 from: CNET - http://www.download.com/pc/software/0,332,0-17080-g,1000.html?st.dl.redir.txt.tdtl

Other browsers with Java capabilities that will run on a 16-bit AOL platform are:
"Netscape 4.03 for Windows 3.1"

Netscape 4 - Stand Alone - http://www.netscape.com/download/selectplatform_1_41.html

Communicator 4.0 Standard - http://www.netscape.com/download/selectplatform_1_1.html

Communicator 4.0 Professional - http://www.netscape.com/download/selectplatform_1_3.html


"I.E. 4.01 for Windows 3.1" http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/iebuild/ie4_win16/en/ie4_win16.htm

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to download one of the 16-bit browsers, you must remember to install it after download, then re-boot your system. You will then need to run the browser *over* your AOL connection. This means signing on to AOL first, then launching the browser as a separate application.

One Last Note

Although no one else mentions having to do this, it worked for me. It was my experience that if an applet had failed to load,  it was necessary to delete the temporary internet files. Otherwise, the applet has been cached as being unable to load and remains as such. The only way to correct this is to delete the cached page. This should be your last resort as all your favorites and previously viewed pages will be wiped out and will take their normal time to load. If you need to do this, follow instructions below.

1) Click My AOL, then select "Preferences"
2) Click the "WW1" icon
3) click on the "General" tab, find "Temporary Internet Files", then click "Delete"



Updated: January 2001