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(2-Player Game)

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This chess game is designed to be played by two (2) people. Therefore, you cannot play against the script (computer).

You should also know how to play chess as there are no instructions here on how to play the game. However, you can use Mcjeff's tutorial to learn how to play. click here

General Rules for BeholderBoard Virtual Chess:
To get started, click graphic below. On the next page, each player must choose the link for the same board from the first column of the Board List. An example Board List appears below.
Available boards will have "white to move" in the Board Availability column. The Board Titles column gives the title of each board. Unavailable boards will specify "Last Move" information for a game in progress in the Board Availability column.
The comments column is just a further explanation of the above.

Link to Boards Board Titles Board Availability Comments
Board 1 Test Board black to move
Last move 2 days 14 hours 20 minutes ago
(Use this board to familiarize yourself with BeholderBoard Virtual Chess)
Board 2 Board Two white to move (Available Board)
Board 3 Game of the Titans white to move
Last move 4 days 6 hours 55 minutes ago
(Unavailable Board - game in progress)
Board 4 Board Four white to move (Available Board)

Every game starts without passwords. The first time a player makes a valid move accompanied by a password, it's set and fixed for the rest of the game. Thereafter any attempt to move without the right password is rejected. If you don't submit a password (and you haven't already set one), no password is expected.

This is a feature that is open to abuse if a scallywag happens across the board and sets a  password themselves. For this reason, I suggest both players make their first moves quickly with accompanying passwords; to set them before mischievous ne'er-do-wells do so instead.
NOTE: If you forget your password, I will have no way of telling you what it is. You will have to start the game over.

Making Moves

By default, the BeholderBoard creates a separate Javascript window for making moves and changing options.

The BeholderBoard (by popular demand) now produces output for browsers that are incapable of handling Javascript, as well as those that can. This overcomes problems with older browsers (and some "recent" versions of IE4, grrr).

To disengage the Javascript window, the script includes a link at the bottom of the page ("Disable Javascript") which a user can click if their browser won't obey Javascript. Once Javascript has been disabled, you will receive a table below the board for making moves and changing options.

If you attempt to use the Javascript window and receive a Javascript error, simply click "yes" to continue. Then click "Disable Javascript" at the bottom of the page.

To move a piece, give the current letter/number position of the piece you want to move and then the letter/number position of where you want that piece to be moved. Then hit your ENTER key.  An example would be: c2 - c4.  This would move the third white pawn up two squares. The script keeps track of whose turn it is to move.

Additional Options
The following options are available:

"hide labels" - hides numbers along left side of the board and letters along the bottom of the board.
"hide captives" - hides the captured pieces which otherwise would appear below the board.
"hide moves" - hides the list that keeps track of the moves made which appears to the right of the board.
"square size" - allows you to change the size of the board's squares.  The default is 50 pixels.
"flip board" - allows you to have the white pieces on the top of the board and the brown pieces on the bottom of the board.

These options are changed once you click the "Update" button.

There is now a help link that reiterates how the options work.

Special Moves
The BeholderBoard detects and rejects attempts to make illegal moves. There are three times when you may make a special move; these are, specifically, castling, capturing en passant, and pawn promotion.

To indicate a castling move, move the king two squares (like a real chess-set).

To take en passant, move the capturing pawn onto the empty square behind the captured pawn (like a real chess-set).

When a pawn qualifies for promotion, the BeholderBoard will ask you what it wants to be.

End of Game
The BeholderBoard does NOT detect stalemate or checkmate conditions (just like a real chess-set). This is down to the players. By definition no move is legal from a checkmate position, but be aware that the BeholderBoard will, in its ignorance, allow a game to pass through a stalemate condition without comment.

The BeholderBoard does not reset itself once the game is over. If you would like to play another game, you can select a new board from the Board list or you can use the form below and I will reset your board.  If I reset your board, I will maintain your current added features.

Additional Features - (Use form below to submit requests)

Board Title
Allows you to give your board a more personal title.

E-mail Notification
The BeholderBoard now includes a feature for e-mail notification. This allows you to be e-mailed once your opponent has made their move. To enable this, each player must provide their e-mail address as well as the board number you are playing on.  Once e-mail addresses have been set, when white makes its move, black will be e-mailed and vice versa. As this is not automated, I will e-mail you when the feature has been activated.
NOTE: The BeholderBoard never reveals one player's e-mail address to another player.

To chat with your opponent while you play the game, click link at the bottom of chess board page . A separate browser window will appear with a chat program. Unfortunately, you will have to go between the chess game and the chat window.  You can and should resize the chat browser window to suit your comfort. (For example: remove toolbars - buttons, address bar, links bar, status bar, etc.)
You can also use another chat program such as Instant Messenger if you have that available to you. It may be better suited for chatting during your chess game than my chat program.

Hide A Board
If you would not like others to see your game in progress, you can have your board removed from the Board List. I will e-mail you the URL to access your board if you choose this feature.


Additional Features Set-up Form (Fill in only what applies to you)

Give your board a more personal Title
New Board Title:

Activate E-mail Notification
E-mail Address:

I am playing the: white pieces black pieces (needed for e-mail notification)

I would like to hide my board

Reset Board

Board Number: (required)


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