Objective:  Enter MAZE and maneuver your way through the pages until you reach the end. To interact with the MAZE which is a series of java applets, you should click, double click, put your mouse over, and drag and drop the objects that you find within the applets.


General Notes About La La Land MAZE

The MAZE is best viewed with your monitor's screen area set to 800x600 and resolution set to millions of colors. (256 colors will give you acceptable graphics)

Some of the pages contain sound which obviously won't be heard unless your computer has a sound card.

Some of the pages use the "Wingdings" Font to enhance the page. If your computer does not have the "Wingdings" Font, you will probably see what looks like misplaced capital letters on the page when you view those pages.

General Notes About Browsers

The MAZE has been tested with the following browsers and with the following results:

Internet Explorer 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0
* Applets run smoothly and with little to no delayed reaction.

Netscape 3.0, 4.5, 4.7 & 6.0
* Netscape 3.0 truncates the graphics in two of the applets, but not so much that you can't proceed. There is some delayed reaction when interacting with the applets.
*Netscape 4.5 & 4.7 - applets run smoothly and with little to no delayed reaction.
*Netscape 6.0 - The first time applets load on this page, they take a long time.  Afterwards, all other applets run smoothly, with no delayed reaction and load normally.

As a guideline, I should mention that I browse the web with a 56K modem.
I would recommend that your modem have a speed of at least 28.8 in order to enjoy the maze. Otherwise, I would think the applets would load too slowly for you to enjoy the experience.

AOL Users click here for additional information

1) As you progress through the MAZE, remember how you exit each page, in case you are sent back to that page.
2) Also if there is more than one exit on a page, remember which exit you chose the first time so you won't go back that way again.




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